Quick Start

Before using iikoWaiter, you need to connect the iikoFront terminal and the iikoWaiter application.

The iikoWaiter plugin must be installed and launched on the main terminal of iikoFront.

The iikoFront terminal and the smartphone with iikoWaiter app must be connected to a common local network (except for the option of connecting via a mobile carrier).

After installing the plugin and launching iikoFront, do the following on the main terminal:

  1. Log in using personal PIN

  2. Select Add-ons and then iikoWaiter: QR.

  3. Wait a few seconds until a window appears with a QR code for connecting the app.

If there is no iikoWaiter: QR item in the Add-ons list, then the plugin has not started and you should contact the support service.

Connection to iikoFront

You can connect to iikoFront in two ways, of your choice:

  1. Scan QR code from iikoFront

  2. Enter connection settings manually

Scan QR code

  1. Launch the iikoWaiter mobile application and click the Start button. You will be taken to the screen Connection settings.

  2. Allow the app to use the smartphone camera.

  3. Scan the QR code from the main terminal screen.



The connection of the application to the terminal will be checked and a message about successful connection will be displayed indicating the name of the trade enterprise and the group of stations. The settings for binding to the terminal will be saved and will be used in the future.


If the connection test is unsuccessful, an error message will be displayed indicating the cause of the problem. After eliminating the cause, try again.


If you find it difficult to fix the problem yourself, then contact the technical support service.

The parameters of the currently saved binding settings will be further displayed on the authorization screen for entering the PIN code as the name of the station group.

If in the future you need to change the connection settings, you can do this by calling the Change connection action by tap on the name of the station group.